Juil 19

Lesson for Those In A Cycling Misery

I’ve seen it all before again:
The flattened lives of many men –
One too many who bared the pain
Of “this” and “that”, of fight or flight.
Lonesome, you’re not – since you become
Part of the lot. There’s a hardship
In Sleep and “sleep” –
I cannot tell for which I’d cry.
When my mum would bring the news
That it was time to lie unmoved,
I could not face my fear to die.
And yet I did all her wishes
Cause a good boy she’d want to see.
Mistakes were made, success was lost,
But I keep large my flattened life,
Sustain my boyish dreams,
Grow my awful heart,
Put my fingers very close-by:
“I never know what comes nearby,
The flattened life is just a half,
And my other could be ‘this’ far.”

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